With just 6 guests on board, you enjoy abundant personal space aboard the Wellenreng Liveaboard. While not the largest vessel in Indonesia, our guest-to-space ratio surpasses that of most other ships.

Outdoor Dining Area

You travel so far from home to reach your paradise, doesn`t it make sense to enjoy it as much as you can?

Yes, we think, it makes sense. That is why we provide for our guests an all year round outdoor dining experience: Fresh air, surrounded by the sounds of nature, paired with nice tasty food and cool drinks.
No more overcooled dining rooms – just pure paradise feeling.

Mid Deck – Relaxing Area

Reading a book, sunbathing or simple relaxing. It is all up to you at the mid deck. You can choose between nice sundbeds, sitting bags or our hammock. Doesn`t matter what you choose the paradise nature and ocean is always around you.

Observation Deck

Our most favourite place is the very private observation deck. Located on the highest part of the ship, it provides spectacular views over the picturized nature and surroundings. Nothing is better than a cool sunset cocktail on this deck.

Saloon & Front Deck

On particularly windy days, we can unwind in our expansive Fore Lounge. Teh Saloon Area offers ample space for all guests to enjoy delightful dinners, play games, or prepare underwater camera gear. We provide a designated area for cameras and electronic equipment, ensuring safe battery charging and storage. In the Saloon Area, you’ll also find our wine and beverage cooler, along with a small library.

Right in front of the Saloon & outdoor dining area our guests find the front lounge. The front lounge is a comfortable and large sofa. Perfect for reading, taking a nap or for observing the ocean for dolphins.