Trained by our Austrian/Indonesian owners, our chef “Melkie” provide a variety of homemade tasty traditional and international food. Influenced from both austrian and asian recipes.

If you have allergies to specific ingredients or dislike seafood, we can also provide customized meals based on your needs with prior notification.

Never get hungry
  • we serve a light pre-breakfast prior the first dive
  • followed by a big breakfast with fruits, eggs, bacon, cereals, sweets like jam on our own baked bread
  • a tastefull served lunch paired with a fruit smoothie
  • a small snack with tea or coffee on the afternoon
  • finished with a served dinner with mainly 2 to 3 options with veggies and a sweet dessert
  • we provide several softdrinks, juices and drinking water to each meal

Its your Choice

… a tasteful bottle of wine, a small selection of cocktails, a cold beer or a nice espresso after dinner – it`s your choice!