Alor is a group of islands in the south of Indonesia, a small part of the Sunda Islands. It is located between the Flores Sea in the northeast and the Strait of Ombai in the southwest.
Off the beaten track, Pulau Alor is a pristine part of Indonesia with colorful underwater worlds, deserted beaches and fire-breathing volcanoes.

The Diving

Alor is considered to be one of the best kept secrets for nice muck-diving and amazing encounters of bigger animals like sperm whales, sharks or huge pods of dolphins. Even the infamous Mola Mola is often around and is likely to see. Muck-diving in Alor is very diversified and really incredible as you can find many strange and bizarre critters. Meet colorful rhinopias and beatiful nudibranches like you never did it before. Alor is a real highlight for macro lovers. Mandarin Fishes, frog fihses, pygmy sea horses and many different pipefishes are very common around Alor. The local reefs are still untouched and diving there offers a great alternative to many mainstream destinations of Indonesia. Ýou will find a wide range of hard and soft corals and big schools of fusilier, sergeant or tuna. In total there are at least around 50 divesites in Alor with many different highlights.

What to expect in Alor
  • superb Muck Diving
  • incredible healthy Reefs
  • challenging Current Dives
  • chances to see Mola Molas and Tresher Sharks
  • Dolphin & Whale Observations

Above Water

Above water Alor is a real superb travel destination for all nature lovers. As a highly volcanic region you are going to find an awesome landscape and active volcanos that erupts almost every 30 minutes. Many exotic birds are home to this area. The climate of Alor is pleasant: from early April to October it’s almost dry and nights are often cold. Due to the lack of standing fresh water around Alor, mosquitoes are rare to encounter. During our cruises in Alor we are going to visit different small villages and get in touch with the local people. Alor is well known for it’s communicative people and their playful kids. As a matter of fact the local fishermen try to catch their fishes in an environmentally sustainable way to protect the local reefs and fish population.

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