At the eastern coast of Borneo at the Indonesian part – Kalimantan – diving is quite spectacular but still pretty unknown. Here in the warm Celebes Sea very diverse dive sites around the offshore islands of Derawan, Maratua, Sangalaki and Kakaban are waiting for us divers. In addition, the untouched south atoll of Maratua is waiting to get discovered by divers.
During our cruises through these beautiful islands you will find great adventures under and above the sea.

The Diving

Fantastic diving areas with beautifully overgrown steep walls, current-rich channels with schools of fish and grey reef sharks, dozens of turtles in the “Turtle Express”, thresher sharks at the “Mid Reef”, the island of Kakaban with its unique “Jelly Fish Lake” (comparable to the one in Palau), Sangalaki with its manta rays and versatile macro diving sites are waiting for you.

What to expect in Kalimantan
  • Ton´s of Turtels
  • the legendary Jelly Fish Lake
  • Whalesharks at the Pangas
  • big schools of Barrakudas

Above Water

The islands are covered with tropical rainforest and palm groves. Endless white sandy beaches line the island and invite you to long walks. Unwind, visit local fishing villages, watch turtles hatch or take a jungle hike on Maratua.

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