Raja Ampat, the “Kingdom of the 4 Kings”. This refers to the four main islands of the archipelago: Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo. With its more than 1,500 islands, the region lies west of New Guinea in the Indo-Pacific and belongs to West Papua/Indonesia. A unique, wild and partly unexplored nature.

The Diving

The wonderful area around Raja Ampat offers you different diving experiences from pelagic drift dives to magic muck dives. More than 1400 species of fish and more than 600 species of hard corals call Raja Ampat their home. This massive and amazing biodiversity is unique on our planet earth. Hundreds of awesome dive sites are waiting for you. Various diving experiences ensure that every diver will be highly entertained and come to his expense.

Raja Ampat is not only famous for his amazing reefs. You can observe a lot of big stuff like manta rays, mobula rays, schools of humphead parrotfish, sweetlips or various sharks like the Walking Shark and the Wobbegong. If you are lucky enough you may observe some dolphins or even whales. Beneath the amazing coral reefs and the big stuff around Raja Ampat you can observe a lot of critters like the deadly blue-ringed octopus, the funny wunderpus, mating mandarinfishes, the weird ghostpipefish, beautiful nudibranches or the cute pygmy seahorse.

Especially the wide range of pygmy seahorses are striking. You can find all known species – Bargibanti pygmy seahorse, Red Denise pygmy seahorse, Denise pygmy seahorse, Santa Clause pygmy seahorse and the Pontohi pygmy seahorse.

What to expect in Raja Ampat
  • amazing amount of Fish Life
  • top Manta Ray Dive Sites
  • incredible Coral Reefs
  • Sites for Beginners & Experts

Above Water

Palms, white dream beaches, crystal clear water, breathtaking scenery and the most bio-diverse marine region on earth – welcome to Raja Ampat. The group of these fantastic islands is located in the northwestern part of Indonesia. It lies in the middle of the so called coral triangle. Above water you can find a stunning and beautiful area which is very famous for its birds. Only a few photographers, scientiests and nature lovers find their way to Raja Ampat. Far away from mass tourism and civilization you can enjoy your holidays and experience the best gifts of mother nature.

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