Selamat Datang – A Very Warm Welcome On Board Our Indonesia Liveaboard Wellenreng!

Your Indonesia Liveaboard with our traditional sailing phinisi offers a wide variety of itineraries and cruises packed with unique experiences – above and below the water.
You can make the most of your time, enjoying top-notch facilities and as much hands-on guiding and assistance as you prefer. Our casual yet chic atmosphere with only six guests onboard is unique to multi-day safaris, creating the perfect environment to create truly treasured memories.

Sailing Indonesia’s Most Stunning Location Since 2011

Your Journey, Your Rules

Your Indonesia Liveaboard exploration journey goes beyond mere onboard comfort. We invite you to explore spectacular destinations throughout the trip. Begin your adventure by visiting charming tropical islands, exploring and immersing yourself in extraordinary natural beauty. During this journey, you will have the freedom to choose from a variety of exciting activities according to your preferences, such as diving, snorkeling, sailing, or simply relaxing on enchanting white sandy beaches.

Why choosing Wellenreng

Tailored Trips

Flexibility in choosing the spots to be visited.

Diving Activity

Trips to some of Indonesia’s most remote areas known for their marine wildlife and uncrowded dive sites

Experienced Ship Crew

Your journey will be accompanied by experienced and friendly crew.

On Board Equipment

Kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkelling gear for use when the boat is anchored

Intimate Trip

Intimate and adventurous trips with a maximum of six guests onboard

Other Activites

Experience the best of both worlds as you explore captivating lands and sail the open waters

our main destinations

Here are our 3 Main Destinations
Raja Ampat with its world-famous gorgonian sea fans, enigmatic wobbegong sharks and manta rays
Komodo with fantastic Reefs and Jurassic Park Feeling on observing the famous Komodo Dragons
Alor with its untouched Reefs and Home of Rhinopias, Mola Molas and Tresher Sharks

Your Indonesia Liveaboard Journey is close

Availability & Rates

grab a Space on your Indonesia Liveaboard Trip and experience your lifetime adventure