From day one of our island adventures, it has been a matter close to our hearts to share our experiences with our children´s.
To give them the opportunity to explore a world far away from their daily environment.
fascinating nature, new cultures – quickly new friendships are made.

A valuable experience for every child’s life!

Parents and their worries

You can’t imagine how great it is for kids on board. They can enjoy games, make music and sing with our incredibly friendly crew. They will be enchanted by the colors of the sea, become true beach explorers or just have fun at the helm of our speedboat.

Dont miss the opportunity to explore the underwater world with your family, swim under lonely waterfalls, experience foreign cultures, compete in a crab race or just hang out chilling on the beach.

Don´t worry – Our crew will take care of your children when you go diving or when you just need some peace and silence.

No one will be able to take away the memories of the adventures you had with your family.

This is what we can do for your
  • we are happy to adjust intinerys on your personal preferences
  • we can organize babysitters on special request
  • we arrange special kids friendly food
  • we let them feel as a part of this foreign world and paradise